Rebuild Campaign

During the summer of 2010, a fire destroyed our Creekside Lodge. Housed in this building were our camp office, boys bathrooms and an apartment. Much was lost in the fire including all of our office records and maintenance equipment.


to hear from Matthew and Susan Reichart, following the Creekside Fire.  

Our office has been temporarily relocated to the pool house building but we still need to rebuild a boys bathhouse, construct a recreation pavilion for rainy days, and build a quad-plex cabin to house our girl campers. Completion of the cabin and pavilion are top priorities before we can tear down the existing Dining Hall/Lodge.  Built over 50 years ago, the Dining Hall is showing major signs of aging inside and out, and the wooden foundation no longer offers sound support.


The Dining Hall is the heart of camp for our children. It provides a warm and safe family atmosphere where their physical needs are met, which builds a bridge to deeper connections with them. The provision of a new building will signify a greater opportunity for even more kids to have a seat at the table in a place where love lived out and the power of the Gospel can change their lives. The new Dining Hall will be 8,000 sq ft and will include a family room entry, full kitchen, ample indoor dining space, bathrooms, nurse's office, storage and large porch for outdoor seating.


to view an architect's rendering of the proposed Dining Hall. The Dining Hall will cost $2.4 million of the $3 million needed to rebuild the various facilities previously mentioned at Pine Valley. If you would like to make an impact in the lives of children who matter to the Heart of God, please consider donating to The Rebuild Campaign. Each gift of $300 will buy 1 square foot of the new building.