Welcome Staff!

Welcome to the Just for Staff page, team of 2018! We are all so excited for the summer ahead; we know the Lord has big plans for this upcoming season and we are counting down the days till your arrival!

On this page you will have access to any staff information you may need! 

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Countdown to Staff Training...

The WHO, WHERE, WHEN of Staff Training

When does Staff Training start?

Staff Training starts at 5:00 pm on Friday, June 8th. You will need to check in at the Chapel (building by the basketball court) between 5-6 pm. If you are flying in, don't forget to email employment@pinevalleycamp.org so that we can make arrangements for your pickup!

What should I pack for Staff Training?

You'll be staying with your fellow counselors in a cabin until Friday, June 15th (a total of 10 days) so you will definitely need a duffel bag or small suitcase. Casual Tshirts and shorts are great. You will be receiving a staff Tshirt that you will need every Sunday and Friday of camp.You will need your own pillow and a sleeping bag or sheets and comforter. You may also want to bring a toiletry basket that is labeled with your name. For a more detailed packing list for the whole summer, simply scroll down!

Who comes to Staff Training?

Staff training is mandatory for ALL staff. You will build community with your co-workers and learn the essentials of your job!

Where will I stay for Staff Training?

You;ll stay in cabins with other staff members. Boys will be on one hill and girls will be on the other. It's so fun and it's a great way to meet people and start  connecting! We're all about becoming FAMILY here at camp!

What will I learn?

Everything you need to know to be successful at camp! You'll learn where things are, expectations and policies, how to do various camp activities, the differences between kids camp and teen camp, the background of most of our campers, the heart of the ministry, and SO MUCH MORE! Come with a smile and ready to learn! This will be a great week of growth!

So, I am a little nervous....

That's completely normal, especially if it's your first year! Just remember, we believe in you and are already so very excited about you becoming a member of the team. You will make lasting friendships and feel like a part of the family in no time. Our full time staff are always available with any questions, but so are the veteran summer staffers. Friend them on Facebook and ask away! I'm sure they'd love to get to know you!

What can I do in the meantime?

Great question! Check to see that you have all of your paperwork completed and turned in! Connect with fellow staffers via Facebook, check out our Staff Bios here on this page, and ASK QUESTIONS! Start PRAYING: for your fellow co-workers, for the campers coming to camp, for safety for the summer, for God's presence to be felt and known. Prayer is powerful and effective!

When does Staff Training end?

Staff Training ends with a Staff Commissioning service on Friday, June 15th at 6:00 pm. This is a great event to invite parents and family members to, so that they can celebrate with you  the mission you are embarking on this summer! This service will take place in the Chapel. Staff are then expected to report back to camp at 2:45 pm on Sunday, June 17th for the 1st Term of camp. 

Essential Items

NOTE: Staff laundry machines are available at camp. So you only need to bring enough clothing to last one week. Do NOT over pack as storage space in cabins is limited.

  • BEDDING: warm blanket/sheets or sleeping bag, pillow with pillowcase (twin extra long sheets are recommended, but twin sheets should fit as well)
  • CLOTHING: shorts, pants, T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas
  • SHOES: sneakers and flip flops/sandals
  • RAINWEAR (poncho or jacket)
  • 2 TOWELS (one for swimming and one for showering)
  • SWIMSUIT (1 piece for girls; swim trunks for boys...you may want to bring 2) 
  • TOILETRIES (deodorant, soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, washcloth, razor, etc.)
  • WATER BOTTLE (we recommend a Nalgene with a clip to attach to your backpack)

Optional Items

  • Sun hat or sunglasses
  • Musical instrument
  • Stationary, stickers, envelopes, books, pencils/pens, markers/ colored pencils
  • Fun themed clothing for evenings (80s, thug, twin, wacky, nerds, superheros, dressy)
  • White T-shirt or other white clothing items for Tye-Dying
  • Cell phone (we will collect phones Sunday-Friday, but if you want it for weekend use that's up to you!)
  • CD player (we are hoping to get some donated!)
  • Prescription medications (to be kept in nurse's station)
  • We have common over-the-counter medications at camp (tylenol, advil, sudafed, benydril, ibuprofen, etc.) so there's no need to bring those as we do not allow medications to be kept in cabin during camp sessions
  • Small amount of spending money for Saturdays
  • Fun toys and games for use in the cabin
  • Toiletry basket or bin

General Packing Notes

  • Label as many of your possessions as you can (toiletries, cameras, water bottles, towels, etc)--the items you might leave around camp. Lost and Found items are usually treated as a SNOOZE you LOSE situation. If you want it back, LABEL it. Or you just might find another staff member wearing it the following week.
  • Try to pack your clothes in a suitcase or bag that can slide under a bunk bed or you can bring an under the bed plastic bin for your clothing. Counselors usually change cabins each session, so pack something that's easy to move from cabin to cabin. There are dressers in the cabin for your use as well.
  • If you bring special food or snacks because of dietary concerns, then please label them and keep them in the designated area. Food is NOT allowed in the cabins for your own sake (or you just might make a raccoon friend).

What Not to Bring

  • Weapons or firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal or non prescription drugs
  • Cigars, cigarettes, E-cigs, or any other smoking paraphernalia
  • Inappropriate clothing (booty shorts, crop tops, speedos, etc)
  • Offensive clothing (depicting drugs, alcohol, violence, etc.)
  • Fireworks
  • Electronic devices
  • Loud Music Speakers
  • Pets

A Review on How to Submit Your Online Forms

Logging into the Campbrain website: Click HERE and use your email and password to log in. If you do not know your password, click Password Reset under the LOGIN button. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Please write your email and password somewhere safe (in your phone or a password notebook).

Once you login, click View/Upload Paperwork.

There are various forms required for you to upload:

(If you are SCANNING in forms: do NOT take a picture of your form and upload it--please scan the form so that we can read your writing.)

  • Staff Photo
  • Staff Bio paragraph
  • Signed Contract

The rest of your Staff Paperwork will be sent to you via EMAIL to be completed digitally.

Please complete ALL the forms sent to you. Depending on your age, state of residence, and veteran or new staff status, you may have to fill out any of the following:

  • Instructions to complete your 3 PA State Clearances: Criminal History background check, Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Fingerprints. All official certificates must be turned in to the office within 90 days of hire in order to be reimburse.(Required of ALL NEW staff)
  • Employee Information Form
  • I-9 Form
  • Health Information Form
  • Parent or Guardian Disclosure and Indemnification
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Volunteer Disclosure Statement
  • New Hire Payroll Form
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • W-4 Form
  • Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form
  • Request for Criminal Record Check
  • Summer Food Form
  • Application for Work Permit
  • Request for Driver Information
  • Support Letter Instructions and Space to write your Support Letter (ALL staff)

Summer Staff Bios

Get to know your fellow staffers! We're so excited about our 2018 Summer Staff Team! If you would like to see our Full Time Staff bios, click HERE.

  • Makenzie

    Kids Camp Head Counselor

    I have been working at Pine Valley since 2015; this will be my 4th year on staff! I am currently a senior at Grove City College for Middle Level Education. I will be graduating in May and am planning on teaching in some middle school, in some state, somewhere! I enjoy reading and writing and running. I like the sun, hugs, sweet tea and coffee. I don't have any real hobbies but in my free time I hang out and lead kids at a local Middle school near my college where I basically get to be their friend/mentor and teach them about Jesus and life. 

    My favorite camp activity would have to be the pool games, especially watermelon wars! I don't think I have ever been more exhausted in such a short amount of time than when I have played watermelon war. It's also a fun opportunity to cheer your cabin and team on as they engage in healthy competition and cool off in the middle of the day.

    Random fact: I absolutely hate peanut butter! BUT I know how to juggle, so I'm going to say that makes up for it!

  • Mia

    Kids Camp Head Counselor

    Mia started working at camp 2013 and has been there every summer since! She has served in different capacities, some summers spent as a kitchen girl, others as a counselor, and is currently a head counselor. Mia has a heart for the mission of Pine Valley and whose life was forever changed when she experiences how the community loves everyone, staff and campers alike, who comes down the lane with love that can only be described as Christ-like. She is currently studying at the University of Pittsburgh and dreams to live a life of loving others in whatever the Lord has for her after graduating. Mia loves spending her free time with others, connecting and building community. She also loves to run, travel, read and drink too much coffee!!

  • keturah

    Teen Camp Head Counselor

    Hello, this will be my 4th summer at Pine Valley! I started out as a counselor in 2015 and now I will be head counselor in teen camp for my 2nd summer. I am currently working as a nanny for a few families, I volunteer at camp, and I teach two dance classes at Urban Impact in Pittsburgh. My favorite things to do are dancing, being outside, and drinking coffee!! One of my favorite kids camp activity would have to be the waterslide. I have many fun memories of talking with so many kids up at the top of the waterslide and helping them overcome their fear of going down! One of my favorite teen camp activity is rafting. Two of my summers here we took the teens rafting and that was an even greater experience to help them overcome those fears out on the water and have the opportunity to share my own fear experiences. 

    Random Fact: My friends say I’m addicted to lifesaver mints.   

  • abel

    Kids Camp Head Counselor

  • jake

    Kids Camp Head Counselor

    Jacob Samuel began working as a Counselor at Pine Valley in 2016 and played a role as Support Staff in 2017.  He is currently attending Geneva College for Marketing with a minor in Accounting. At Geneva College, he has been playing on the club rugby team since 2015 and will be going into his senior year after this summer. He has a passion for spreading God’s word and helping campers to have a fun and memorable time at camp. He loves spicy food, going on exciting adventures, and going to coffee shops with friends. 

  • caitlin

    Crew Leader

    I have been working at camp since summer 2013. Currently I am a Sophomore at Penn State Beaver for Psychology with a minor in Business. I plan on becoming a counselor and working with either children or youth. I enjoy sitting in the sun and having deep meaningful conversations with people. I love hugs, and just being encouraged in a note.  I am involved in my church where I help out with our youth ministry and sing on our worship team.

    I started coming to camp when I was ten, and have been coming back every summer since and this will be my sixth summer on staff. From the moment that I landed at Pine Valley I knew that it would have an impact on me. The love that I felt when I was a camper was indescribable and when I had the chance to finally work as a kitchen girl and onto being a counselor, I knew what the kids longed for most. Being able to come back to summer after summer and seeing campers who were in my cabin the previous summer and being able to grow our relationship farther and deeper. I love seeing the smile on their faces when they get off of the bus on Sunday.


    Random Fact: The boy that is with me in my picture is my brother John, he loves camp. Also the look on his face describes our relationship perfectly!

  • Kayla


    This will be Kayla’s second summer as a counselor at Pine Valley. She’s from Colorado Springs, Colorado and has been living in Pennsylvania for the last five years attending Geneva college for a degree in criminal justice. Pine Valley combines all three of her favorite things: learning about Jesus, being in the outdoors, and working with kids. Her favorite passions are snowboarding and playing soccer. The campers of Pine Valley Camp have completely changed her life and being able to come alongside them to teach and learn with them more about Jesus has been the best experience of her life.

  • leah


    Leah started working at Pine Valley the summer of 2017. This will be her second summer serving at PV. She really loves the urban mission field and showing people God’s love every chance she can. Leah enjoys traveling, hiking, anything outdoors, photography, and exploring small town coffee shops. Random fact: Leah is allergic to fruit.

  • erica

    Counselor/ Polymath Leader Intern

    Erica is a Youth Ministry/Christian Education major who started working for Pine Valley in 2017. She is a person who loves working with kids and teens in the inner cities. Erica enjoys getting to know and listen to the kids as well sharing the Gospel with them. She is a person who likes to play basketball, eat, and learn more about the world around her. Random fact: Erica has never seen any of the Star Wars movies!

  • emmaly


    Emmaly is a new camp counselor at Pine Valley this year. She is from Kansas City, Missouri. She just graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education. She has a strong passion for serving the Lord on the mission field in the United States, as well as other countries. She enjoys coffee, camping, fishing, swimming, traveling, and more! 

  • maggie


    My first experience at Pine Valley was ten years ago as a camper. After six summers as a camper I signed my contract and started working at Pine Valley back in 2015 as a crew member. This summer will be my fourth year on staff and will also be my first year as a counselor. Yay!! I am currently a student at the Community College of Allegheny County and just finished my freshman year. I am a swim coach in the fall/winter and love working with kids. I also enjoy the outdoors, photography, reading, and listening to music (specifically Christian rap and Kpop) I love elephants, coffee, my two goldfish Midda and Beau, all things camp, and God.


    Random Fact: I am allergic to all animals covered in fur including, but not limited to cats, dogs, horses, and hamsters. But have owned a cat for 10+ years.

  • julie

    My name is Julie. I live in Cole Camp MO. I'm going to be a counselor this year at Pine Valley for the second summer. I'm excited to see what God's going to do this summer at camp! I like reading, beaching, hunting, fishing, and wakeboarding. Random fact: I've lived in 5 different states.

  • olivia


    This will be Olivia’s first summer as a counselor at Pine Valley. She will be a senior this upcoming fall at Liberty University, studying Exercise Science. She enjoys being outside, running, and traveling. She also loves the beach, coffee, and elephants. She is looking forward to being a counselor!!

  • darla


    Hi, I am Darla. I will be a camp counselor at Pine Valley this year. I am excited to meet everyone and see what God has in store for me there. I love the outdoors, hunting, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and volleyball ...etc. I also love traveling, and I dream of being a traveling missionary someday. 

  • sami


    Hi, my name is Samantha or Sami. I am in college for early childhood education. My future dream is to own my own daycare. I love kids with a passion. I believe they have this special thing about them that you can't notice when you are their age. I want to hear their life stories and share mine as well. This would be my 2nd year working at Pine Valley. The first year was about 3 years ago when I worked as a kitchen girl on Crew. Our theme that year was "The Fledge".

  • jordin


    Jordin is a first year Counselor at Pine Valley Camp. She has a desire to see racial reconciliation through the love of Jesus mending all broken relationships involved. Jordin loves to write, read, listen to music, and be in the outdoors. She has two dogs, a German Shepherd named Samson and a Golden Retriever named Izzy that she loves. She is a sophomore at Geneva College where she majors in student ministry. She hopes to one day be a missionary in the Middle East and pour out love on them that Jesus has poured out upon her.

  • destiny


  • kayleen


  • "frolo"


    I started working at Pine Valley in 2015 as crew and this will be my fourth summer and my first time counseling full time. I was a camper here for six years and worked my way through teen camp and CIT to eventually become staff. I enjoy hiking and running, it helps me clear my mind and relax. I currently serve in the Ohio Army National Guard and have been for the past two years. I currently work at concrete business and I enjoy the hard work but when I’m not working my hobbies include working out, playing basketball, and distance running. Vines will always have me laughing no matter how old they are. I’m a pretty goofy person once you get to know me and I rarely ever fail to put a smile on someone’s face. I’m a fan of spicy foods and sweet tea! 

  • rj


    I have been working at Pine Valley since 2015, so this will be my fourth year here on staff. I was on Crew for two years and will be going into my second year as a counselor. I currently am a freshman at Grove City College for Middle Level Education. Some of my hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, watching and playing sports, and music; I have been playing the violin since I was 8 and have loved it ever since. My favorite candy is Reese’s, I am right-handed, I love the beach, my favorite color is red, and my favorite food is sushi.

    My favorite camp activity would be the camp-wide games. They are some of the most fun you can have and a great way to interact with all the campers. Some of the games involve teams so it is a great way to involve teamwork and friendly competition.

  • ransom


    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was one man named Ransom who was a counselor last year. To save the galaxy from the reign of the empire, he once again joined the rebellion and took on the mission to be once again a counselor (Jedi). His hobbies include anything Star Wars, reading, and seeing movies with friends. Force abilities include, force pull and push mind tricks, very skilled light saber wielder.  My hopes is to lead many younglings to the light side. 

  • bishop


  • chais


  • matt


  • luis


    Hi my name is Luis, this will be my first year working as a summer counselor for Pine Valley. I found out about this camp through Bishop and Austin who recently attended last year. I love being outdoors and I am looking forward to working with the kids and growing my faith as well.  

  • tyrone


    My name is Tyrone or I go by “Ty”. This is my first year as a Pine Valley Counselor however, my 9th year being involved with the camp. I grew up in Washington, PA then moved to Pittsburgh soon after. My favorite sports are football and basketball. I produce Christian Rap music and I write poetry which leads to myself being a huge One One Six Clique fanatic! I enjoy listening to Lecrae, KB, Andy Mineo and other artists in the same category. I love music and it has been a passion I have had for years and it has been a good way for me to share the gifts God has given me and to expand Christ’s Kingdom in a dynamic way. 

  • raymond


    Hi, my name is Raymond. I live in Pennsylvania, and this is my first time working for Pine Valley, and I’m very excited to work with the kids and looking forward to working alongside the other counselors. A little bit about me, in the fall of September 8th of 2017 I went through basic training in Texas for 9 weeks at the International ALERT Academy(please look that up). I passed basic training and then went through “ERT” (Emergency Response Training). Where I became a rescue specialist, I’m certified as a high angle operator, special response diver for the NAPD (National Academy of Police Diving), a medic, basic firefighting, and rescue system one. Now I’m in advanced training, and I couldn’t achieve any of this without Gods help.

  • billy


    Hi my name is Billy, I've been to Pine Valley for a long time. I was a camper and in my high school days I was a maintenance man. I left for a while because I was in school. I came back last year and I was a counselor. Currently I'm going to college at CCAC for criminal justice. I learn a lot about the Bible and I want to continue to learn more. Camp and Pine Valley is like my second family.

  • kailee

    Horse Wrangler

    Kailee is new to Pine Valley, and just a little bit new to Pennsylvania, too. She moved here when she was about six years old, but it didn't take long for her to fall in love with the endless hills and labyrinth of trees! Making friends was hard at first, (especially as a home-schooler), but eventually she found her place. Now, when she's not desperately studying for chemistry tests, Kailee works with horses, practices tae kwon do, and reads every book she can get her hands on!

  • reeve


    Reeve has worked at Pine Valley for the last two years in the camp kitchen. A soon-to-be senior in high school, she is the oldest of two children (and her parents’ favorite Lol!). Reeve loves sunshine, especially sunshine at the beach, sushi, reading, running and Jesus. She plans to go to college and study to become a child psychologist but more than anything else, she hopes to serve others so that they may become followers of Jesus. Fun fact: Reeve is the designated manager of all bugs and creepy things.

  • tru


    Hi, my name is Tru, I am 16 years old and I am in the 10th grade. I have been going to Pine Valley for 7 or 8 years. However, this is my first year working as a Crew member! I also work at ACAC Kids Camp! I go to North Allegheny Intermediate and A.W Beattie Career Center for Cosmetology. I enjoy writing, reading, painting and drawing. One of my favorite books is the “The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur. Attending Pine Valley has helped me grow my relationship with God through prayer, bible study, and worship. Most of all I love being with the kids. When I graduate, I want to go to college for Psychology and Sociology. I feel that God gave me a gift to connect with children and help bring them closer to Him.   

  • shekinah


    Hi, my name is Shekinah Chandler and this is my first year working at Pine Valley! I love photography, trying new things, traveling, and helping people. I was given the opportunity to work this summer after being a camper since I was 7 years old and I can’t wait to help other kids get to know Jesus like I did. Once I graduate, I want to go in a major in either journalism & film or the medical field. Random fact: I once jumped off a bridge and a cliff all in one day!

  • jo


  • pauline


    My name is Pauline and I am excited to be a part of Pine Valley team this year. I have attended Pine Valley since we been in PA. It’s a privilege to be able to give back to Pine Valley community now that I am of age. I attend Gateway High School and plays on the Varsity Basketball team. I attend Greater Works Outreach and am a part of the Synergy team. I love assisting my mother with the Children church ministries when she teaches. I am shy but love people, going to events with my siblings, basketball, reading and having fun.

  • brinley


    My name is Brinley. This is my first year as a crew member at Pine Valley. My first experience with Pine Valley was around 5 years ago when I was a Pine Valley camper. I go to Bethel Park High School and I am in the 10th grade (soon to be 11th). I am interested in genetics, music, spanish, and art. I love going on mission trips with my church. I have been working with kids for 5 years. I love to sing and I like all types of music including Christian music, dubstep, and some pop music. I have 2 older sisters, a younger brother, and a dog named Hermione. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series. I love watching movies. I love God and I am excited for the opportunities He will bring me this summer.

  • Jeana


    Hi I’m Jeana, this will be my 1st year at Pine Valley. I have a heart for children and especially children who have experienced brokenness. I love listening to all types of music, swimming, and messing around with friends and getting to know other people. I graduate high school this year and I’m going to college for Criminal Justice. I’m super excited for this summer and can’t wait to spend time with the kids.

  • jamir


  • isaac


  • stephen


  • jack


  • sam


    Sam loves coming to Pine Valley to help kids get closer to God. He enjoys building hands-on projects, sports, and camping. He has a great sense of humor and thinks having fun is a great way to know God. He hopes to further his interest in engineering and the armed services. 

  • joel


    My name is Joel. I am a sophomore at Seneca Valley Senior High. This is my first year serving at Pine Valley Bible Camp. My connection to Pine Valley has been through service projects with my youth group and church. I enjoy playing sports, hunting, and fishing. I look forward to the opportunity God has given to me to serve at Pine Valley this summer.