Crossroads Teen Camp


Crossroads Teen Camp (ages 13-15)

A week for qualifying young men and women who are committed to going deeper in their relationship with the Lord and who demonstrate the desire and discipline to pursue excellence. Past campers who qualify with receive a personal invitation to Crossroads when registration opens. 

Crossroads Teen Camp Dates for 2019:

(If you are attending with a church group, discuss the dates they are planning to attend before choosing your week!)

Term 1: June 16 - 21

Term 2: June 23 - 28

Term 3: June 30 - July 5

Term 5: July 21 - 26

Term 6: July 28 - August 2

Cost per Camper................$850.00 (Based on economic eligibility, this cost may be waived.)

Registration Fee.................$ 90.00

*Every camper MUST pay the nonrefundable Registration Fee to confirm their spot in the program.

NOTE: The Registration Fee may ONLY be paid by the camper and/or the camper's family. Any monies received from other individuals, agencies, or organizations will be used to fund the Cost of Camp for that camper. Pine Valley Camp exists to provide an excellent camping experience at low cost to economically disadvantaged youth. Any family NOT eligible for Pine Valley Scholarships must pay full cost. (Former Pine Valley campers are exempted from this and may qualify for reduced pricing even if family income is above the qualifying amount. Call our office and ask our staff for details.)

Invitation: Past campers who qualify receive personal invitations to Crossroads. Individual due dates and confirmation codes are listed in each invitation. After the listed due dates, spaces will NO LONGER be held for invited campers.

Crossroads Teen Camp

Crossroads LDI (Leadership Development Initiative), also known as Teen Camp, is designed for young men and women ages 13-15 years old who are committed to growing deeper in their relationship with the Lord and who demonstrate the desire and discipline to pursue excellence. Campers learn to: define who they are and where they are going, discern how to achieve their dreams, devote themselves to accomplishing their mission, disciple (mentor) others, and be discipled through the leadership process. At the close of each session, qualifying participants are awarded personal invitations to the Camper in Training (CIT) program.