Prep for Camp

(If you have not yet registered for camp, please choose a program and register online)

Registration is open from 5-6 pm on Sundays during the summer season.

Camp ends at 7 pm on Fridays during the summer season.

Transportation is available if you call our offices A WEEK AHEAD OF TIME. There are two locations:

  •  Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC)
  •  East Hills Community Center.

Pickup on Sundays is approximately 3:30 pm and Drop-off on Fridays is approximately 8:00 pm.

**If you requested transportation, please do not forget $5 per camper!***

Pay Your Balance - You may pay for one or all of your children at once (please be sure to list the child's name(s) when paying).

 Summer Food Form - Download and print. Your child is NOT REGISTERED until this form is completed and received by Pine Valley

                                                       Camp. (Form can be printed, scanned in, and emailed to with Summer Food Form as                                                                                        the subject line; faxed to (724) 752-1662; or mailed to camp. FORM MUST BE SIGNED--an e-signature does NOT                                                                                      count.)

Camper Info Packet - Print this to see what to pack and what to leave at home, when to arrive, transportation details, and more!

 Medications Form - This must be COMPLETED & BROUGHT TO CAMP with any medications your child will need for the week.

A LIST OF REGISTRATION FEES: (Cost listed is PER Camper):

  • $15 Registration Fee for a term of Mini Camp
  • $35 Registration Fee for a term of Kids Camp
  • $90 Registration Fee for a term of Crossroads Teen Camp (No Teen forms accepted after June 19th)
  • $45 Registration Fee for C.I.T (invite only)

***Deposits accepted online with credit card or in the form of a check or money order ONLY. Make payable to Pine Valley Camp***

Pine Valley Camp

504 Chapel Drive

Ellwood City, PA 16117