5th Annual Benefit Motorcycle Ride

May 19, 2018

Third Annual Story Harvest Celebration a Success!


On Saturday, November 4th, 2017, hundreds of people came together to enjoy a free dinner and an inspiring evening. We heard stories of God's faithfulness and were reminded of His great love for us. The Light of the City choir performed, we interviewed former staff and campers on stage, and choir members sat at the tables to chat with our guests! 

We had over 240 attendees.

The Silent Auction grossed over $1,800.

We raised over $16,000 to fund kids to come to camp (and people are still giving)!

A Thank You from Mr. Matt:

Dear Celebrator,

I want to personally thank you for helping to celebrate our night on Saturday!  What a joyous occasion!  From the beginning of the night through to the end, we as the Pine Valley Staff felt the atmosphere was filled with Joy!  Our hope was to bring honor to the God who made us and makes all this possible, we hope that mission was accomplished!  Thank you for taking the time to come and hear what the Lord is doing through Pine Valley. 

If the Lord stirred your heart, please let us know.  We would love to capture your reflections and hear your stories.  Maybe you left the event thinking, “How can I get more involved in that work?”  There are multiple ways to help, the most obvious is through generous gifts, the net raise to date for the children was over $12,000.  We are currently in a season of construction and preparation for this coming summer.   Watch for our newsletter, visit our website, contact me or the office and visit any time! 

Thanks again for your encouragement to our children, they left that night feeling the loving power and presence of our God, through their encounters with you!  Here is our Light of the City webpage if you desire to experience them again or introduce them to someone else.  

Rebuilding broken lives for the future,


Mr. Matt (Matthew Reichart, Sr. the old guy)

Did you miss the event? 

It's not too late to give! 

Click here!

Lumberjack Day  

October 7, 2017   9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

It's time to make sure our wood piles are stacked deep and wide for the upcoming winter season. Every log we split will go towards heating staff homes and camp buildings. Every log we burn is money saved! Come be a lumberjack for the day where you can enjoy working outdoors and participate in meeting this practical need. We have plenty of work for every age and skill level. Join us!

Coffee/donuts available in the morning! Lunch will also be provided!